Course Price


  • Plus Driving Course

      11 Hours automatic car training one hour before G2 test + use car for road test(G2), 20 Hours classroom, 10 hours assignments, free pickup and dropoff for car training in K&W, Elmira ON
    • Note:$993.65+HST=$1,122.82 Visa and Mastercards pays 2.50%
  • Defensive Driving Course

      5 Hours In-Class
    • 2 Hours in Car
    • Coping with Unexpected and Emergency Situations
    • Reduce up-to 2 Demerit points in most provinces
    • Dual Brake Control
    • One-on One Car Training
    • Free Pick-up/Drop-Off Anywhere in Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira & Cambridge for Car Training
    • Training also available in your own vehicle (optional)
  • Basic Driving Course package one

      10 hours automatic car training, 20 hours of classroom instruction, 10 hours of Assignments, pickup and dropoff in KW, Elmira On
    • Note:$852.50+HST=$963.32 Visa and Mastercards pays 2.50%

PriceSingle Lessons
$48.67 (+HST) One hour Lesson in an Automatic Vehicle
$377.00 (+HST) Defensive Driving Course for Professional Drivers
5 Hours In-Class + 2 Hours in Car
$141.59 (+HST) G2 Test
One Hour Lesson in Automatic + Car for Road Test only pickup no drop off
$175.22 (+HST) G Test
60 Min. In-car Training + Car for Road Test only pickup No drop off
$97.35 (+HST) Written Test Preparation
Written test preparation (Two hours In-Class Training)
$61.94 (+HST) One hour standard car training
Requirements, two hours standard car training schedule must for each training session