Certify Driving Course KW

Dominion Driving Schools is certify driving course in Waterloo/Kitchener

(BDE)Adwords Certification  for their students as they are going through series of evaluation.

Method that students are acquiring the abilities and skills associated, 

with driving as important as actual student accomplishment in the determination of grades.

Students are encouraged to be involved in their own assessment and evaluation.

They may set standards of accomplishment and practice peer and self-assessment.

Why Consider Assessment and Evaluation? 

Phases of the Evaluation Process Suggested Course Evaluation Scheme

Record Keeping Collecting and evaluating in class {Note: in order to pass the Certify Driving Course (BDE)}

Dominion Driving School standard students must successfully complete the in class and hand-in 10 hours assignments (Car Education Workbook)}:

Why Consider Assessment and Evaluation for Certify driving course (BDE)?

As Certify driving course(BDE) provider assessment is a preliminary phase for our students.In this phase, various techniques are used to gather information about student progress.Evaluation is the weighing of assessment information against some standard (such as a curriculum learning objective) to make a judgement. This may then lead to other decisions and action by the instructor.To deliver certify driving course we need to have car and class evaluation (minimum 70% mark requires passing classroom/Car training). These types of evaluation helps instructors/teachers understand the degree to which students are learning the course material and the extent to which their knowledge of knowing how to drive understandings, skills, and attitudes are developing. Students are provided direction for future learning and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own progress. Evaluation occurs always at the end of the unit of study . Its primary purpose is to determine what has been learned over a period of time, to summarise student progress, and to report on progress to students, parents, and educators. After compilation of certify driving course (10 hours Driving +20 hours class and 10 hours assignments)Dominion Driving School of Ontario rewards the achievement of students with certificate.

Record Keeping: as a Certify Driving Course KW provider requires us to keep safe and secure the results of the evaluation for seven years 

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